Brain-Body Essence

Brain-Body Essence

Brain-Body Essence

Co-created with Polarity practitioner, Peggy Barrett, for her Educational Kinesiology work with clients.

Combination includes: Queen of the Night, Helenium, Black Locust, Osteoporosis, Raven Blue, Rio Samba.

The process of learning should be an experience of joyful expansion and self-discovery; however, when this process is compromised and the brain's infinite capacity to adapt is overwhelmed, the natural appreciation and development of our unique gifts becomes a struggle. In our task-oriented, high-stress culture, the full beauty and potential of people with learning challenges are often hidden behind veils of confusion and frustration. The Brain-Body essence gently opens locked or undeveloped pathways within the brain and body, gradually dissolving awkwardness and the debilitating effects of frustration and shame. Increasing the flow of information-energy between the upper and lower chakras, the essence focuses at the fifth chakra to facilitate easier communication within the body and with other people. By encouraging a restoration of self-love, it helps re-establish a sense of joy in the learning process. The Brain-Body essence is particularly useful in supporting the energetic shifts of Brain Gym © balances and exercises. Regardless of our age, the essence reconnects us to the creative fire of life, rekindling our birthright to explore life to its fullest.


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