Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay Essence

Created with: Meadowsweet, Evening Primrose, Jewelweed, Wild Rose, Blue Lobelia, Scarlet Lobelia, St. John's Wort, Sumac, Phlox, Fringed Orchid, Hemlock Water Parsnip, Wild mint, Brook Lobelia.

Georgian Bay essence was made on a remarkable island in northern Ontario. This combination of wild flowers provides a connection with powerful earth energies that invite us to step away from our overly civilized lives to access a deeper source of creativity. Georgian Bay can be a reminder to go for a holiday or create some holy space within our busy days. The essence honors the slow voice of ancient stone. Easter Island and Stone Henge hold this kind of ancient energy-wisdom. The essence makes us aware of the stony parts of our body. By softening and releasing the cysts and tumors, knotted muscles and calcified thought patterns that keep us out of touch with our soul, Georgian Bay encourages us to strip away our pretenses and dwell reverently in nature's wilderness.


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