Raven Pink

Raven Pink

Raven Pink

Fourth chakra, heart: self-acceptance; loving self and others. Issues of compassion, love, grief, balance and boundaries in relationships, connecting with the human and non-human world.

Reaching over the vast black sky

one heart seeks its star,

the star finds this eye,

and the meeting is silent and complete.

The heart is the connector to all worlds; it is capable of holding and transforming anything. Giving us access to the rhythmic laws of the universe, Raven Pink helps us draw energy in, hold and feel it, then release in a timely, natural way. From the stillpoint, the hub of life's creative pulse, it provides us with the gateway into every realm of the universe, from cells to stars. The essence invites us to rest in the chamber of our heart and feel the living oneness with everything around us. From this place, all our achievements are built upon the power of stillness.

Combination includes: Globe Thistle, Orange Cosmos, Borage, Cyclamen, Lady's Slipper, Queen of the Prairie, Clivia, Golden Trumpet, Diamond & Gold, Night Essences.


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