Preparing to Receive the Holy Fire

Preparing to Receive the Holy Fire

Preparing to Receive the Holy Fire

She trembles, watching the magnificent sleeping lion
from her hiding place in tall grasses.
Her tail twitches, sending a shiver through her taut body,
so expectantly charged with the strangeness of it all.
He does not see her,
or if he does, he will not show it.
Cloaked in his sunlit splendor,
his languid body sprawled on the naked rocks
he terrifies and enthralls her.
She hovers, full of yearning
yet instantly ready to slink away.
Though she knew him all her life
now, only now, does her body
see him. Her fur and blood are electric
with the certain knowledge of their meeting.

Use the essence to stabilize yourself during times of intense inner change. It will help you to open to the full current of your life-energy so you can meet your destiny as it approaches you. Organizing the creative passion within your heart and lower chakras, it will assist you to let go fear and shame so that you do not resist the inflooding energy of your own fulfillment.

Combination contains: Arbutus, Annual Trio, Raven Orange, Raven Red, Raven Yellow, Cedar, Ether, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Quartz, Datura, Crambe, Opening Bud, New Year 2003, Nicotiana, Passionflower, Valentine's, Portia Tree, Tithonia, Gardenia, Dunderry's Call, Calling forth the Vital Life Force.


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