Positioning Radiance

Positioning Radiance

Positioning Radiance

I am still and I am soaring.
I am breathless and I am wind.
I am dragonfly's silk-net wings
and I am its dark-worm body.
I am maple, broad, alive, and reaching
and I am totem, slender, carved, and proud.
I am fiery kiln, melting metal
and I am woman-flesh, warming babies.

Every possibility hums in me
past and future shimmer around.
This moment, only this moment, is full of all grace.
Let the magnificent strangeness swell within me
as I stretch my hand
and lift a foot
to dance within this holy space.

Positioning Radiance is the doorway essence. Use it to stabilize yourself before moving forward. It will affirm your stance upon solid ground, helping you include all the elements in and around you that are part of your destiny. Midway through the kit, it is the awakening point, where we often meet our greatest fears. It signals the completion of the gathering and embodiment phases and the beginning of self-aware expression. It also marks the threshold between silence and sound. Through the element of fire, the essence stimulates a swift, precise opening and promise of ecstatic joy.

Combination contains: Fire, Raven Blue, Vibration: Nature's Music, Resurrection, Cardinal Flower, Chives, Gladiola, Maple, Peony, Stinging Nettle, Wayfaring Tree, Beside the Pond.


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