Sacred Threads of Connection

Sacred Threads of Connection

Sacred Threads of Connection

Singing, she gathers the grape vines bending each to find the strong and supple. Humming with a honeyed warmth, she weaves them into firmly round and holy baskets.

Singer, vine, and basket reveal the Song. Shaped and lifted through her weaving its tone falls gently to the quiet earth to rise anew through next spring's greening vine.

Use the essence to strengthen your connections within the web of destiny. At the personal level, it will help link your body and soul, your primary life-connection. It can offer a protective cocoon for various stages of development, cradling you so that you do not feel isolated or separate. It will help you resonate with the people and places that are integral to your destiny. The essence also offers you the means for receiving nourishment and transmitting joy as you build pathways out into the world. Sacred Threads of Connection brings increased radiance, immunity, and a sense of being an integral part of Life.

Combination contains: Fire, Raven Gold, Peony, Re-evaluation, Balanced Power, Ether, Peacemaker, Red Climber, Zinnia, Water, Tithonia, In the Hedgerow, Giant Milkweed, Bougainvillae, Raven Pink, Woman-Being, Gardenia.


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