Combination includes: Apple Tree, Black Walnut, Evening Primrose, Lady's Slipper, Lupine, Oregon Grape, Star of Bethlehem, Tuberose, Alcoholism, Migraines, Alzheimers, Diamond & Gold.

By strengthening the flow of energy through our bodies, the Re-Evaluation essence affirms our living connection with nature and spirit. Rooted in truth, we are steady and flexible rather than rigid and brittle. With this internal stability, we can view our strengths and our weaknesses without grandiosity or self-judgment. Seeing our world and our creative capabilities with loving clarity, we then grow true to life's design.

Second chakra, abdomen, lower back, hips and genitals: self-gratification; sexuality; emotion..

Issues of guilt and desire, fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality, and joyous creativity.


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