Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting Go

Combination includes: Canna Lily, Crambe, Feverfew, Lobelia, Pink Lily, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Skeletal/Muscular System, Grounding, Asthma, Psychotherapy.

The Letting Go essence encourages us to release the fruits of our labor to make space for new possibilities. In a gesture of celebration, we give away our accomplishments and investments with the assurance that we will remain fully productive. Permeated with love at every level of our being, we know life's current will bring us radiant new forms of beauty in another season.

Eighth chakra, above the head: higher self as linked with guides and universal energies, the gateway to other realms beyond human reality.

Issues of over-investment in materialism; over-identification with work as self-worth.


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