Listening to the Spirit of your Garden

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This simple exercise is a way to renew your appreciation and connection with Nature through your garden.

Though it is designed to be done in the autumn at the end of the gardening season,

you can do this any time of year.

Walk very slowly through your yard, observing the details and appreciating all the ways your garden has gifted and supported you this year. As you lovingly review your garden, you may also begin to sense what you want from the garden next year: more vegetables, a seat in the sun, more colour in the spring, a new pathway or flower bed…

When your personal desires have taken shape, find a quiet place to sit and listen to what the garden itself might want. Take a little time to tune into the spirit of the garden (your intention to connect at this level is sufficient) then ask: What is Nature’s plan for my garden?

My experience constantly shows me that Nature offers support for everything I am doing in my life. My garden embodies my soul, and my soul is revealed through my garden. Posing this open-ended question to the spirit of your garden helps to expand the imagination and open new possibilities.

Intuitive communication is richly multi-dimensional, therefore honour and record everything you see, hear, or feel. Nature is always revealing Herself to us through our open hearts!

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