Launching Spirit and Earth Webinars for 2016

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A Personal Invitation

As we enter a new year, I’m inviting an expansive circle of women to participate in a series of monthly webinars for an entire year of transformation, within ourselves and in our world. Spirit and Earth — The Nature of the Feminine invites women who are already living an embodied, soulful life to deepen our connection to spirit and nature at this critical time in our planetary history.

I am committed to supporting the emergence of the sacred feminine by listening to Nature’s wisdom. In this work, I meet many women who are actively exploring the mysteries of life in their dedication to personal growth. As we begin to really face the implications of the ecological crisis, the paradox is that a new story is already seeded within us, ready to flower... It is this new story that I wish to explore with a circle of women throughout 2016.

Please read on… and if this invitation resonates with you, I invite you to join me for one of the free introductory webinars on Wednesday, December 16 or January 6th at 7:30 p.m EST. The 12-part series officially begins on January 20th.


Here’s how the process works…

Spirit and Earth is an invitation to make a commitment to your authentic Self at this phase of your blossoming, and to allow yourself to be witnessed and gently held as your life unfolds throughout the year.

Each monthly webinar has a provocative theme and a variety of innovative ways to create sacred space through the webinar technology.

The course is $150; if you enjoy the ritual of working with flower essences, I’ve selected twelve specific ones to enhance your experience. (The cost for the course with flower essences, including shipping, is $300.)

Each 75-minute webinar includes guided meditations, provocative questions for journaling, and creative ways to deepen our relationship with our body-souls and the earth.

With music, interactive slideshows, a healing ‘wound-altar,’ an oracle-message from Gaia, and a gratitude ritual to close our time after comments and questions, I anticipate a highly original and organic process. Participants will also have access to a private facebook page as well as personal intuitive consultations a $20 discount throughout the year.


How do we participate in Transformation?

By turning up, creating sacred space, breathing and listening together.

By opening ourselves to be nourished by the Great Mystery of Life.

By honouring what is aching within us as precious and sacred.

By tending what is calling and seeking expression from the depths of our soul.

By letting ourselves be supported within a sacred grove of women equally dedicated to standing in their authenticity.

A thoughtful Disclaimer

Having done a trial webinar last week, I’m poignantly aware that the intimate experience of a women’s circle does not easily translate with our current webinar technology. We cannot look each other in the eyes. We cannot greet each other with a hug or show our joy or our vulnerability… The shadow-side of technology is the easy way we become passively mesmerised in front of a screen. Virtual experiences tend to discourage us from being enlivened and intimately engaged.

Initially excited about the possibilities, when I watched the recording of our first trial-run, I was frankly disappointed. The feeling-tone we generated together did not seem to translate in the recording. I wondered if women who could not participate in the live event would benefit at all.

It is definitely a challenge to create webinars that are as welcoming and inspiring as the circles hosted here at Grey Heron. Perhaps we are being called to create a new Living Room — to carve out space for a new Vision of Hope to emerge.

Will you join me in this?


After the trial webinar, I wrote these notes to myself in my morning meditation.

…Much of what you will be offering has yet to be revealed. You will always be on your edge in this work. That is as it should be! This is how women lead — not from their obvious, polished strengths but from the raw vulnerability of their body-wisdom — alive, exposed and pulsing in the moment.

Moving forward, I hold these questions:

Can technology actually serve the sacred feminine?
Can we meet across the distance and deepen our rootedness into the Soul of the World?
Can a webinar format allow us to connect more fully with our own body-souls?
Will beautiful pictures of nature help us engage with our own landscapes?

Click here to view the slideshow for the New Year 2016 essence — Creating a New Earth; A Vision of Hope.

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