Intuitive Readings for Children

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Children in Tree


Occasionally parents ask me to tune in on their children. When I do an energy scan, I get very still and align myself vertically like a tree, opening to be shown what I need to see. An image appears, full of metaphoric meaning, which I carefully decode. However, when I tune in on children, I’ve had the uncanny experience of being directly greeted by them, almost as if they were waiting for me!

This rush of recognition by the children surprised me at first. I realised I needed to be particularly sensitive to how I was ‘approaching’ them because, at some level, they seemed very aware of my presence in their energy fields.

Some children were delighted to welcome me, others were shy and needed to be approached on their terms. I would always describe the encounters to the parents as the experience unfolded. Intuitive readings always require tremendous etiquette. I never go charging in, however, with the children, the etiquette was even more heightened. The more readings I did with young children, the more I became aware that they ‘knew’ I was there. They would disclose what they wanted me to know, in their own time and manner. Often, I had the sense that they were thankful someone was articulating their needs and desires to their parents.

Parents welcome the opportunity to hear their children’s needs articulated in language they can understand. It is a tremendous relief to make sense of seemingly eccentric behaviours and moods.

I never assume anything at the beginning of a session. As I listen to the soul of the child in the presence of the parent (this is done long-distance without any physical involvement with the child), we discover what the child actually needs. Sometimes this comes as a poignant reminder of some unlived or unexpressed aspect of the parent; the child needs or wants what the parent is withholding in his or her own experience. When the parent understands what the child actually needs, it frequently is an invitation to the adult to blossom alongside the child, not to just be a ‘good’ parent!



As I listen to the children, I realise Doctor Spock’s approach is completely antiquated. The children of today know. We cannot understand what they know unless we listen with a finely-tuned heart. My feeling is that children today come into this world much more consciously aware of their soul mandate than my boomer generation. They arrive with a sense of urgency. Though they may present many creative challenges to their parents, I sense these children do not want to passively accept the precarious world we live in now. They resist conformity by not going numb and forgetting who they are, then spending precious years to find themselves again.

It is a sacred honour to ‘meet’ these children in my intuitive readings. Each encounter deepens my respect for who these children are and what they are ‘coded’ to do here on earth. Also, I have tremendous admiration for the parents who have welcomed them and are struggling to understand rather than pathologize their behaviours.

In working co-creatively with Nature, I have learned that when we listen deeply to anything — a tree, a flower, or a stone, or a place, it always responds. A subtle change occurs, bringing an intensified aliveness and renewed sense of possibility.

In these days, I am learning that children are the most responsive beings on earth. They change when we listen! When they do not have to get our attention with negative behaviour, when we meet them where they are, listening with a respectful, open heart, they are free to grow as they are designed and able to play their vital part in these changing times.

Here is a testimonial from a recent intuitive reading: Like most parents, I read or attend workshops on how to be a better parent and how to raise children. I had never experienced such in-depth insight into my children’s lives until Andrea did a reading. My (8-year-old) strong-willed son was terrorising the household; I needed to understand what was going on in his head and how he was feeling. My (14-year-old) daughter seemed more pensive and not as jovial. She could not or would not say what was on her mind. I spent an hour with Andrea and she helped me connect the dots. I have since implemented her suggestions and have already seen a dramatic and above all positive shift. Her personalised approach is second to none; no book or workshop can top that. I’m so grateful to have met Andrea; her truly special gift of deep understanding of children has made all the difference in our lives. SS




Daeva was one of the first to teach me about my role as ‘child-listener’. By utterly refusing to ‘cooperate’ when I tuned in on her in a session with her mother, she became the trickster, confounding my perceptions at every turn and making my insights nonsensical! Finally, her mother and I paused, stepped back, and realised we needed to take a different approach. Instead of working long-distance, Daeva and her mother came to Grey Heron and we let her choose her own essences. Lifting her up onto the counter in front of the 300 essences, she carefully plucked two bottles from the shelf. “These are mine,” she said. And when I looked at them, I realised they were perfect!

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