Hosting The Emerging Feminine

By on April 02, 2011 — 2 Comments

I took this photo of Grey Heron’s dining room just before twelve guests arrived to celebrate Joy Gaskin’s 70th birthday. A dear friend and colleague, Joy wanted a special event with her close friends to mark this rite of passage into another stage of elderhood. Asking me to host and cater the event here at Grey Heron, we had a wonderful afternoon of ritual celebration followed by a bountiful feast.

She requested that we bring gifts come from the natural world. As we spoke about the feathers, stones and flowers that we each selected, we honoured Joy and her love of nature. A natural leader in her community, Joy invited us to Honour the Elder in ourselves. Part of the time was spent drawing images of our own emerging elder-energy which Joy later took home with her to make into a collage.

When everybody left, there were lots of dirty dishes but also a houseful of flowers and the lingering pulse of love and joy.

I am grateful to the men and women who open-heartedly participate in the sacred feminine, event after event, here at Grey Heron.

In another completely different event last weekend, Jeannette McCullough introduced Sophia, the feminine divine, through several shamanic journeys.

During our time, I experienced a very powerful initiatory experience. As I journeyed to the lower and upper worlds, I encountered Sophia in ways that shape who I am and the work I am doing, particularly with sacred sound.

In the first journey, I went to deep into the earth to an underground cave. Before I entered Sophia’s space, my clothes were stripped away.  I thought my garments were fine, but when they fell off my body, I saw how tattered they actually were.

Then Sophia said, “Let me see you dance…” Naked and vulnerable, I began to move in her presence, and gradually my skin began to shed, like a snake, until my flesh was completely raw and exposed.

This is the one who sings…” she said.

Immediately I understood that I was being shown the humbling depths which I must enter for my earth-singing work to be truly authentic.

Grey Heron is one of many containers around the world dedicated to hosting the divine feminine, in her many forms of creative expression. I am privileged to live and work here, to build a field of sacred, creative energy with others  — a space where we can remember who we are and what our work truly is in these critical times.




  1. Dear Andrea,
    It was the perfect location, the right people and the perfect rituals and feast. You and your home are so welcoming and elegantly graceful, my friends felt right at home. I am over-whelmed today with a full heart and too much chocolate, you’re right! It was worth it. I am grateful to you and the openness with which we were received. Namaste.

  2. What joy! (And what a Joy) Wish I could have been at your Sophia gathering…

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