Emergency Trauma Solutions

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Naomi Klein, global activist and author, never travels anywhere without her bottle of Rescue Remedy.

Edward Bach’s Rescue Remedy is probably one of the most widely-known flower essences on the market. I have a tremendous respect for this product as an effective healing tool for shock and trauma.

I do not try to duplicate this generic product. Why bother when it works so well?

Instead, I’m interested in creating personal combinations that help people identify their habitual responses to the ongoing stress in their lives.

We all respond in different ways to stress. For one person, going to a cocktail party may be delightful while for another person, it is a nightmare! Deadlines may throw some people into high anxiety, while others thrive with these limitations. Yet many people simply cope, not realising they can change their responses to the stressful challenges of everyday life.

Raven Essences’ Emergency Trauma Solutions serve as a very personal Rescue Remedy, with a lot of additional information. The selected essences reveal a profile of a person’s strengths and stressors. Writing an interpretation of the selected essences, I read the profile of a person’s strengths and challenges, identifying the stressors and habitual responses with a detailed precision and accuracy similar to an astrological reading.

With this knowledge and the energy of the essence, the person has a tool for working consciously with gently shifting their deeply-ingrained patterns.

The cost for a personal ETS is $130. The one-ounce solution bottle comes with two half-ounce dosage bottles. The fee includes a half-hour consultation, essence definitions, a detailed written interpretation and generic instructions for using the essence.

A dramatic Emergency Trauma Story:

My client was about to travel in Israel alone for the first time in her life. I made her an Emergency Trauma Solution for her trip, encouraging her to use it whenever she felt unsafe or panicky.

On her return, J. wrote:

There were a few instances when the solution literally saved my life!

The most dramatic time was when I was waiting to catch a bus in the desert in sweltering 40- plus degrees in the middle of nowhere.  While I waited, a yellow mini-van pulled up and an Arabic man opened the window and offered me a ride to Tel Aviv.

I said no thanks, I’m waiting for the bus.  He left.  I waited another ten minutes, melting.  He rode back and once again offered me a ride, telling me it was going to be cheaper.

Sensing it wasn’t the smartest idea, I got in with him anyway. Then he turned the van in the opposite direction to where I was supposed to be going.

I asked what he was doing.  He said he would take me to a bus station in a different town and from there I could catch the bus to Tel Aviv.  I tried to argue with him to take me back, but he wouldn’t hear of it.  Dressed in a tank top and shorts, I was showing much more skin than women in his culture.  He started checking me up and down… asking if I was married and where my husband was…

I became really nervous.

Then he started talking about wanting to stop for tea at his friend’s hotel.  I protested saying people were waiting for me in Tel Aviv and they’d be worried if I was late.  He’d hear nothing of it.

I started to panic, realizing that in the middle of the desert this man could do anything to me and no one would hear me scream.

Feeling desperate, I reached into my bag and took the emergency trauma solution.

A few minutes passed and then his car began to overheat!  When the driver pulled off the highway at the nearest gas station, I jumped out of the cab and ran inside the station where the store owners helped me to find a bus back to Tel Aviv.

Later in my trip, I talked with someone on an organised trip.  On arrival, they had all been warned never to get into the yellow minivans because the drivers were very sketchy!

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