Soul-Seeds and the role of Flower Essences

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Many people speak of a persistent, nameless pressure in their hearts and imaginations, something that cannot easily be dismissed or readily articulated. From my perspective, this inner pressure is indicative of a powerful, organic process occurring all the time in nature as Life’s imperative, seeking to express itself in new and beautiful forms.

I witness this kind of pressure as activated soul-seeds, the embodied presence of new life stirring in the individual. Initially felt in our hearts and sometimes called heart-ache, soul-seeds contain powerful, harmonious life-affirming energies that have never been present on earth in their current form.

Pregnancy is a good analogy for the process of consciously creating space for our soul-seeds to develop. While we may understand some of what’s happening in our bodies during the nine months of gestation, we can’t always anticipate what occurs in our psyches. As the embryo matures, the new energies are constantly working us at a profound, subterranean levels. If we are able to willing surrender to this most intimate encounter with Life, our hearts and minds are opened as well as our wombs and we are completely changed, from maidens to mothers.

While soul-seeds take root in both men and women, the fact that women are biologically sensitive to the pulsing life force in our bodies helps us embrace our soul-seeds more easily. Being pregnant with heart-energy is essentially a feminine experience. Even if we have not had children, our bodies are instinctively wise; at the deepest levels of our being, we know how to receive, hold what is sacred through a cycle of gestation, and eventually give birth to new life.



Like any living thing, soul seeds are full of mystery and paradox. Their beautiful and awe-inspiring energy is both utterly new while also carrying ancient echoes from the past. As soul-seeds actively seek expression through each of us, the new energies are delicate and immature; at the same time, they are very resilient and coded for a future we can scarcely imagine. As an integral part of the matrix of creation, soul-seeds hold the formative energies of the ‘new earth’ that many of us have sensed and yearned to embody for some time.

It is all too easy to have a miscarriage or abort a soul-seed in its early phases of development.

This may sound harsh, however, when we consciously invite welcome new growth, it is vital to be aware of the dynamic tension between the life-changing forces supporting and guiding us as well as the negative, soul-destroying pressures swirling in and around us.

Like a young baby, soul-seeds thrive in an atmosphere of unconditional love. When we harshly criticise ourselves, ignore what is forming through distracted busyness, or give in to the opinions of others instead of honouring our own emerging wisdom, the embryonic soul-seed within us contracts, rightly shying away from any forces that would compromise or distort its growth.



Back to the role of flower essences in this process…

After many years of observing flower essences, I’ve come to respect their inherent aliveness and the range of their alchemical properties. Without scientific validation, I can only speak about how these living vibrational energies ‘choose’ to function through metaphor and anecdote.

One of their key roles is to preserve the integrity of the life-force within all creation. Flower essences are not inherently designed to preserve elements of a world that are distorted and out of alignment with Life. By supporting and enhancing the pulse of new life, they serve creation and our participation in this process — what Thomas Berry calls the Great Work, with little regard for our egos or societal ideals and expectations.

Through their subtle presence, they hold the warmth and wisdom of Nature’s way, helping us reference this living wisdom at both conscious and cellular levels. By retaining their connection to the sacred energies within the natural world, they activate and amplify the life-affirming fields of energy within us that are harmoniously tuned to all is emerging.

Flower essences are particularly effective in supporting the organic development of our soul-seeds. As Nature’s vast and complex embrace, they serve as a secondary womb for the gestation process, helping us tend and birth the new life within us.

No other ‘medicine’ works in such an alchemical, multi-dimensional fashion. Working with essences over time, we become familiar with their resonance and the gentle way they hold and support us. Gradually, it becomes easier to to surrender to the pressure of love seeking to birth itself through us, and our attention shifts from surviving in a challenging world to engagement with the many creative opportunities open to us to conceive new life.

Feeling supported, we can begin to let go… 

And in the letting go, a sacred space opens within us — a womb for our creative particiption in the Great Work.





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