Flower Essences

The Seduction of Fixing — What Flower Essences Don’t Do!

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  Written for the Tranquil Planet, Windsor, Ontario, March 2000 Plants talk to me, all the time… and they tell me the most amazing things if I listen. For the most part, I don’t pay close attention but when I really want some answers, I trust them to give me wonderful guidance and accurate information. This ongoing …

Flower Essences — The Winding Path to Wholeness

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An article written for the Ontario Polarity Therapists Association magazine, May 2002 Last weekend the Globe and Mail ran a feature article about the use of the common cold virus in curing cancer. Remissions naturally tend to occur when people are sick with a cold or flu. Now scientists are investigating this phenomenon; one man …

Love’s Message

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I know you think that all you need is love. Most everyone feels this too. But do not shrivel and turn away then hungry, search the earth for love. I want you to drop all longing immediately and turn to me with your body’s slow, wise ear. Be still — wherever you are right now …

Creative Ways to Work with Flower Essences

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Flower essences invite us to actively participate in a healing process. While most drugs work on us without any need for conscious change, flower essences are much more effective when we play an active role. Working with the living intelligence in the essences, we become much more engaged in the subtle shifts in our hearts, …

The New Year 2010 Essence

By on November 19, 2009 / 1 Comment

  Every year I make a new essence for the upcoming year, my intention being to connect with Nature and ‘capture’ the energetic impulse of the upcoming year. I’ve been making Annual Essences since 1998. Looking back over previous essences, I realize there were often prophetic elements that I could not have anticipated. These essences …

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