Flower Essences

A Creative Writing Practice with Flower Essences

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I’m amazed by the tremendous variety of ways people use the Raven Essences. Many years ago, I realized that my approach with clients works for me because it is a natural extension of my interests and innate skills. Other practitioners, honoring their unique skills, develop their own approach and the essences work with them in …

Gathering Irish Essences

By on February 16, 2010 / 4 Comments

Writings from the booklet accompanying the Irish Essence Kit   I visited Ireland in 2004, where I was deeply moved by the remarkable energies of the land. The four essences I made on this trip assist people to work in co-creative intimacy with the earth-energies of any landscape. This story will give you a sense …

Talking to the Animals

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  Written for Vibration Magazine in 2003 By default, I am an undertaker to the wild animals in my neighbourhood. Behind my house, just north of Toronto, there is a tiny wilderness corridor that offers marginal space for a few wild creatures. In the midst of massive urban development, some intrepid muskrats, skunks, mink, ducks …

Significant Moments in my Creative Process

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Excerpt from an article for the International Journal of Healing and Caring, January 2007 This brief article highlights some of the key moments in my life influencing the direction of my work with Raven Essences. It is the summer of 1995… and I hold a small box of flowers essences made from my garden. I …

Goethe’s Approach & A Psychotherapist’s Testimonial

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The following articles were written for the International Journal for Healing and Spirituality in 2005 Goethe’s Approach to Nature — Heather Thoma’s Experiences with Raven Essences Heather Thoma is an organic/biodynamic farmer in Ontario; she has worked for many years in community educational outreach. How do we shift beyond intellectual understanding of environmental issues, toward …

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