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The New Year 2013 Essence Definition

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    The Significance of the Mayan Calendar In the booklet accompanying the essence, I included a brief overview of the astronomical significance of this Winter Solstice from the Mayan perspective. Many prophecies around the 2012 Winter Solstice stem from the end date of the Long Count Calendar created thousands of years ago by the …

Creating the New Year 2013 Essence

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Around Halloween, I felt nudged to create the New Year essence for 2013. I always approach this annual task with some trepidation. Will I be able to capture the pulse of this particular time? Given the intense focus on the end of the Mayan calendar (on December 21, 2012), I felt even more nervous about …

The process of creating the New Year 2012 Essence

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  This year’s essence is elegantly simple. Three single essences — Forsythia (pictured on the left) Oregon Grape, and Aster, and two combination essences, Annual Trio and Embracing Destiny’s Joy make up the New Year 2012 essence. It is a very dynamic essence affirming a strong leap forward and the sense that ‘anything is possible’ …

Featured Essence — Positioning Radiance

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Periodically, while intuitively selecting remedies for clients, I find certain flower essences tend to come up in clusters. When this happens, I pay attention. Coincidences often signify a larger pattern beyond the personal. Lately, a number of clients have been calling for the central essence in the Destiny Kit. The seven essences in this kit …

Embracing Destiny’s Joy

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  Joy lives at the heart of creation, its impulse destined to beauty… When we are touched by joy, a burst of radiance fill our bodies and we are flushed with the goodness and wonder of life. Joy’s many-hued frequencies mark us with the blueprint of our destiny. What we love — the people, places, …

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