Flower Essences

Living Creatively in Dramatically Changing Times

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This blog includes excerpts from the booklet for the Living Creatively Kit. In recent divinatory consultations, the three essences in this kit came up over and over again, prompting me to update the essences and information and to republish the kit. The energies in this 3-essence kit seem pivotal to what is occurring at this highly …

Videos for the Raven Essence Kits

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Recently, I’ve been revisiting some of the many flower essence kits. Through this process, I’ve appreciated the timelessness of nature’s wisdom for though some of the kits were created many years ago, the themes are even more relevant now. Each kit is a virtual mini-workshop in a box that can be used numerous times with different …

Creating a New Earth — A Vision of Hope

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Each year since 1998, I create a flower essence combination to support us in consciously coordinating with the universal energies of the new cycle. These Annual Essences have been remarkably prophetic in articulating our co-creative role and responsibilities as the cosmic forces at work on this planet evolve, year by year. This is the definition …

Divinatory Applications for Essence Definitions

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In my role as flower essence producer, I am continuously delighted at the different ways the Raven Essences support and inspire people on their life-journeys. Not only do the essences assist with a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, the three-hundred essences also serve as as a remarkably refined resource for divinatory …

Soul-Seeds and the role of Flower Essences

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  Many people speak of a persistent, nameless pressure in their hearts and imaginations, something that cannot easily be dismissed or readily articulated. From my perspective, this inner pressure is indicative of a powerful, organic process occurring all the time in nature as Life’s imperative, seeking to express itself in new and beautiful forms. I witness …

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