Exploring Intuition

Nature Divination — Reclaiming a Forgotten Language

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  We seek wisdom and advice from many sources — the internet, books, conversations and lectures. Some of us use divinatory resources — tarot cards, runes, the I Ching, tea-leaves, bones or the movement of planets to reference what is shifting in our psyches and our lives. With these various ways of knowing, I’ve found myself returning to …

How Intuitive are You?

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A Questionnaire to help you assess your Innate Intuitive Abilities Put Yes/No or Not Applicable (N/A) beside each of the twenty questions. ­­­­­­ ___ Has a flash of insight ever helped you solve a problem? ­­­­­­___ Do creative ideas suddenly show you new ways to view a situation? ­­­­­­___ Do you ever know things about …

Four Benefits of the Inner Web of Wisdom Program

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Rooted in the body’s wisdom, intuition is personal heart-work in resonance with the Soul of the World. As a holistic gestalt, intuitive skills are impossible to ‘teach’ in a traditional way. In our left-brain, materialistic society, we are rarely encouraged to recognize and develop our intuition… in fact, most of our education tends to dismiss …

Five Common Mistakes We Make when Using our Intuition

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Gathering Incomplete information Five blind men touching different parts of the elephant, each convinced their perceptions are right, proves the saying that a little information IS a dangerous thing. It’s easy to be excited by a snippet of inner guidance, then act impulsively without taking the time to gather other important pieces of the puzzle. …

The Value of Obstacles

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Preparing for An Introduction to the I Ching, the first in a four-part study group, I decided to consult the ancient oracle about what people might hope to achieve by participating in this process. After throwing the coins for the single hexagram, I was initially perplexed for the answer to my question was ‘Obstacles.’  Thankfully, I’ve …

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