Body-Soul Musings

Remembering the Role of Eros in our Lives

By on March 25, 2015 / Leave a comment

  (Originally published in the booklet for the New Year 2012 Essence.) In this time of Great Change, how are we to be? While preparing the New Year 2012 flower essence, I retrieved some writings about Eros-energy that I received in meditation in 2009. Eros is usually viewed as sexual energy, which in part it …

Conversing with an Angel

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My contribution to the recently published 365 Days of Angel Prayers, edited by Cathleen O’Connor and Elizabeth Harper.   Let listening be my prayer…. Angel, show yourself to me, not in the wings and robes of my childhood fantasies, but in your true light-guises.   I am not above you, Distant, watching from afar. I …

Filling the Well, Why We Retreat

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A friend now living in England, sent me this wonderful poem. It captures the essence that compels many women to come to Grey Heron for a private retreat. Coincidentally, she was the first woman who ‘retreated’ here many years ago… Thank you, Marlow, for the gift of this beautiful poem! Filling the Well, by Dorothy …

True Selfishness

By on September 17, 2014 / Leave a comment

  I know a lot of women who are wonderful care-takers. They are great mothers, nurturing friends, compassionate therapists and generous wives all giving loads of time, love and energy to others. What they aren’t always good at is giving the same loving attention to themselves. Nature biologically prepares us to give unconditionally to our …

Soul-Seeds and the role of Flower Essences

By on February 19, 2014 / Leave a comment

  Many people speak of a persistent, nameless pressure in their hearts and imaginations, something that cannot easily be dismissed or readily articulated. From my perspective, this inner pressure is indicative of a powerful, organic process occurring all the time in nature as Life’s imperative, seeking to express itself in new and beautiful forms. I witness …

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