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Working with Nature to Develop a Living System

By on March 15, 2017 / 9 Comments

How the Raven Essence Project Developed Raven Essences was built on the rather unusual premise that the business is alive! As a creative intuitive, I’ve always chosen to be self-employed, first as a music teacher and later as a flower essence producer. Now I have a many-layered business that feels like a constantly opening lotus. …

Living Creatively in Dramatically Changing Times

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This blog includes excerpts from the booklet for the Living Creatively Kit. In recent divinatory consultations, the three essences in this kit came up over and over again, prompting me to update the essences and information and to republish the kit. The energies in this 3-essence kit seem pivotal to what is occurring at this highly …

Videos for the Raven Essence Kits

By on March 09, 2017 / Leave a comment

Recently, I’ve been revisiting some of the many flower essence kits. Through this process, I’ve appreciated the timelessness of nature’s wisdom for though some of the kits were created many years ago, the themes are even more relevant now. Each kit is a virtual mini-workshop in a box that can be used numerous times with different …

Listening to the Long Song

By on March 09, 2017 / Leave a comment

  Last year, I submitted an essay to the marvellous on-line magazine, Dark Matter/Women Witnessing. If you’re not aware of this free e-zine, I encourage you to check it out! It is a venue for women writers to share their experiences and passions about the state of the natural world. The theme that attracted me to …

Living Systems, Part II: Conscious Surrendering

By on March 01, 2017 / 11 Comments

Recently I’ve realised that creating a living system is only the first stage in a much longer process. (A previous blog explores my approach to Working with Nature to Develop a Living System.) The initial phase of any creative venture can be both exciting and demanding. Writing a book, building a business, creating a garden …

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