As We Watch the Geese Fly South…

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I read Angeles Arrien’s geese-inspired teachings about community and thought you may enjoy the living lessons of these magnificent, social creatures.

Geese flying in a V-formation have always been a welcome sign of spring and the coming of winter. Not only is this a marvellous sight, but there are also some remarkable lessons that we can learn from the flight of the geese.

* As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for others behind it. There is 71 percent more flying range in V-formation than in flying alone.



Lesson: People who share a common direction and sense of purpose can get there more quickly.

* Whenever a goose flies out of formation, it feels a drag and tries to get back into position.

Lesson: It’s harder to do something alone than together.

* When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into formation, and another goose flies at the head.

Lesson: Shared leadership and interdependence give us each a chance to lead as well as an opportunity to rest.

* The geese flying in the rear of the formation honk to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

Lesson: Encouragement is motivating. We need to make sure our “honking” is encouraging — and not discouraging.

* When a goose gets sick or wounded and falls, two geese fall out and stay with it until it revives or dies. Then they catch up or join another flock.

Lesson: We may all need help from time to time. We should stand by our colleagues in difficult times.



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  1. This is beautiful… I love the insights in this article and that nature is always reminding and teaching us that we are all one!

  2. This is a beutiful reminder that we all count and our individual efforts do make a difference.

  3. Andrea,
    Thanks so much for sharing your deep insights. I too love to watch the geese. Are you on Facebook or can you post a link here and for other articles. I’d love to share your wisdom.


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